Coronvirus/Infectious Disease Policy

Currently, we are in Stage 2 of our infectious Disease Policy. Our goal is to keep all students and staff safe and healthy so that we can successfuly care and teach our students. We will remain open to support parents/guardians returning to work. Below is the outline of our plan.

Stage 1 Minimal Spread: Outside our community, but nearby

It is our policy to always follow mandated sanitation procedures in order to prevent the spread of communicable disease. (Please see Policy and Procedures)

1. All children and staff exhibiting the following will be excluded:

  • Fever over 100
  • New cough of any kind
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lethargic, overly tired, unusually calm or quiet
  • Mild respiratory illness/ issues
  • Student or Staff that travel via airplane to anywhere, are asked to self quarantine for 10 days (virtual program offered)

ii. During an outbreak, we will take the additional following measures:

  1. We will add additional scheduled sanitation round per day: During morning outside time, naptime and close
  2. Wipe high contact surfaces with Alcohol or Sol UGuard (EPA Certified to kill COVID-19) when children are present and with bleach solution wipes when children are outside of the classroom.
  3. Place buckets in classrooms for contaminated lessons/materials that may have been mouthed in toddler classrooms.
  4. Prepare containers with new lessons/materials that can easily be swapped for contaminated toys.
  5. Remove all lessons/materials that cannot be easily sanitized.

Stage 2: Within Our County

  1. Protocol from above will continue
  2. Every child and staff member will be checked for fever at the door and answer daily health questionnaire
  3. No drop ins will be allowed
  4. Hours of operation will be reduced
  5. Remain open/ closed until mandated
  6. High risk staff will be given the opportunity to be voluntarily laid off
  7. Update parents daily of any news within our community and center
  8. If staff or child is symptomatic, they must be officially tested; if test comes back positive we will follow stage 3 and alert the parents
  9. All materials will be limited and rotated daily
  10. Playground will be sanitized using bleach spray after each use
  11. High contact areas will be disinfected hourly
  12. Enforce social distancing.  Work mats placed on floor 6ft apart.
  13. Lessons disinfected with Soluguard after use and students wash hands after use
  14. Nap mats will be separated by 6 feet
  15. Suspend all sensory play (water, sand)
  16. Only the Director can enter the classrooms with PPE.
  17. Activities that encourage close contact will be eliminated
  18. Car line for drop off and pick up. No parents or adults other than staff and student allow inside of building
  19. Each child will be taken to their classroom by an employee
  20. Only nap bedding, lunch and 1 reusable water bottle will be allowed from home (Not applicable for infants)
  21. Student and Staff must wear a mask inside.  No masks required for students outside.
  22. Shoes taken off at the door and shoes will be sanitized

Stage 3: One Positive Case within the School

  1. Parents, Guardians and staff will be notified immediately via email or phone.
  2. Classroom will close for the minimum 48 hours as recommeneded by the CDC in order to completely sanitize the facility.
  3. Cleaning service will be asked to disinfect and deep clean.

Stage 4: Mandated Quarantine (forced closure)

  1. All staff other than management and senior staff will be furloughed until we reopen if required.
  2. Staff still employed will help with Virtual learning, planning and preparing for our reopening.
  3. Parents/Guardians will be asked to pay 50% of their tuition or weekly of $100 to stay enrolled in the program.

**This plan is subject to change as events unfold